Monday, November 28, 2011

16 Canadian Organizations ask Martelly to Try Jean-Claude Duvalier

A Collaboration of Haitian and Canadian organizations demanded the Haitian government to bring the former dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier to trial. In a letter to President Michel Martelly, Michel Frenette, representative of Amnesty International Canada in the Concertation pour Haiti (CPH) argues on behalf of the consultation that the holding of a trial would do justice to the thousands of victims of Duvalierism. This would thus restore the confidence of the Haitian people in an effective justice system.

According to the Concertation pour Haiti: "It is now imperative that the Haitian government publicly confirms its commitment to non-interference in the work of the judiciary so that they lead to the end of the thorough and impartial investigations into serious violations committed under the Duvalier regime . This is a unique opportunity in Haiti's history to finally end the endless cycle of impunity that has always prevailed and thus enable the reconstruction of collective memory by preserving the dignity of the Haitian people while the world. History has shown that there can be no genuine reconciliation or national agreement worthy of the name that goes through the path of truth, justice and reparation."

Founded in 1994, the Concertation pour Haiti is a group of Canadian organizations involved in the movement of solidarity with the Haitian people on the way to a non-violent, more just and democratic.